Manusbanken is a digital archive for Norwegian manuscripts for cinema, radio, TV and the stage. The website is managed and operated by the Writers’ Guild of Norway (Norske Dramatikeres Forbund).

Manusbanken is a compilation of manuscripts provided by the authors themselves. It's a service open to all manuscript writers, regardless of membership in the Writers’ Guild of Norway. User names and passwords are provided on request to the Writers’ Guild.

Manuscripts are added to Manusbanken in pdf format by the individual writer. In other words, whether the manuscripts are accessible to the public, is ultimately the author's responsibility. The author also edits and keeps her or his biography updated.

Access to the manuscripts is granted on an annual subscription basis that allows for downloading the texts. Subscriptions are available for professional stage and screen producers, independent theatre groups and amateur ensembles as well as schools, publishers and media.

Subscriptions have been available since 2012.


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