For subscribers

  1. What can I do with the manuscripts in the database?

    You can download and read them.

  2. Do I automatically have permission to put on a performance of any of the texts?

    No. You have to contact the author or author's agent to obtain performance rights.

  3. Some of the titles in Manusbanken come without a manuscript?

    In that case, you'll have to contact the author directly to read the manuscript.

  4. I'd like to have the manuscript as a Word document. Can that be done?

    No. Manusbanken only contains pdf documents.

  5. What does at in an email address mean?

    Replace at with @ before sending the mail.

  6. What does «*» in a form mean?

    This field is required.

  7. Why do I have to submit my email address?

    We need it to mail messages to you every once in a while. If you don't want it to be visible to others, enter it in the "Hidden email" field.

  8. I'm looking for a manuscript suitable for two or three ladies. How do I find it?

    Go to "Advanced search" -> «No. of roles» and try

    from to women

  9. I teach a class with 20 students. Everyone needs a part , but they can double up. Gender isn't important.

    For example, you may try

    from to actors

  10. My search yields only one result. Surely there must be more?

    The search results are found in the rightmost column.

  11. Why are all the titles in Norwegian?

    Your web browser probably has Norwegian set as a language preference. You can switch language in the menu to the upper right.

For authors

  1. May I upload anything I want?

    No, only drama and only texts you own the copyright to.

  2. What if several writers share the copyright?

    In that case, you enter them as "Other contributors". Make sure you have their permission.

  3. Can my contribution be in any format?

    You can only upload pdf documents.

  4. How do I create a pdf document?

    That depends on the word processor you're using. Follow these steps in Microsoft Word:

    • Open the manuscript text in Word.
    • Find the menu option "Save as..." It's either beneath the round "Office" button on the upper left or in the "File" menu.
    • Click "Save as...".
    • Click on the "File type" drop-down menu and choose "PDF".
    • You can just keep the same file name that you used in Word or you can enter a new name to call attention to that it has been saved as a pdf file.
    • Choose the folder where you want to place your new pdf file.
    • Then choose "Save".
  5. I couldn't do that!

    You may be missing an add-on. Take a look here.

  6. Are there any free programs online that do the same thing?

    You could try CutePDF. Go here and follow the instructions to install it. Then choose "File" -> "Print" in your word processor and print out your text on the new PDF printer. You'll be presented with a dialog window to choose a file name.

  7. Can I save PDF files in Final Draft?

    Yes. Try "File" -> "Save as PDF". You'll need Final Draft version 8.0.1 or later.

  8. Can anyone access what I've written?

    Ordinary web surfers can only read the information pages. You have to be a subscriber to download actual manuscripts.

  9. Do I have to fill in all the fields in all the forms?

    No, the only ones that are marked with an asterisk are required fields.

  10. What do I write as "Lede" on the author and manuscript page?

    A short presentation of yourself or the manuscript. This text will be included in summaries and news bulletins, so please make it short: No more than one paragraph and less than 245 characters.

  11. What's meant by "Written" on the manuscript page?

    The year you finished the manuscript.

  12. But if I'm not done yet?

    You can place a mark at "In progress".

  13. My manuscript has been translated to another language. Can I upload the translation?

    Yes. Start by creating a page for the original text with its original title. Then find the entry for translations in the menu on the right and choose "Add". Make sure you have resolved all copyright issues with the translator.

  14. Can I format the text in the forms?

    You have a few formatting options in the text fields for "Biography", "Synopsis" and "History".

  15. How do I enter a new line in the text fields?

    You create a new paragraph by entering an empty line or to line returns.

  16. Can I enter html?


  17. Can I enter links and images from the web?

    You can enter links, images and emphasized text.

    You can write this The result will look like this

    Bold text and italic text


    Link with text

    Image within the text

  18. Can I upload images from my own PC?

    Manusbanken does not have an integrated image collection, but we use the image website Flickr. You can save your images there, and we'll link them to our manuscript pages.

  19. How does that work?

    Open an account with flickr.com. It's free. Enter your flickr user name on your author page. Go to flickr.com and upload the images that are relevant to your plays. Name the images the same as the manuscript or enter the title of the play as an image tag.

    The images are now displayed as thumbnails on the manuscript page. Be aware that this makes loading the page a little slower, so don't overdo it. We've placed a limit of 12 images on each page.

  20. Can I upload films?

    You can't upload films directly to Manusbanken, but you can link to videos on youtube, and they'll be displayed on the manuscript page. It's done the same way as with images on flickr. Open an account with youtube.com. It's free. Enter your youtube user name on your author page in the field At YouTube. Go to youtube.com and upload video that's related to your plays. Name the film the same as the manuscript or tag the film with the play's title.

  21. I don't have any video or images I could publish, but I know that others have made something from my plays public on these websites. Can I use that material?

    If it has been published with a license that permits reuse, yes. Open a user account as detailed above, log in and locate the relevant video or image. Make it a favorite with your user.

  22. I don't have an illustration for the original manuscript, but there'a a trailer from the French translation, albeit with a French title.

    If you have followed the steps above, it will be embedded on the page where the translation is presented..

  23. I have written a manuscript for TV, but not as a part of a series. What length should I enter?

    You can use "Feature" or "One act". This applies to radio plays as well.

  24. Can I present my manuscripts in English?

    Yes. Choose English from the menu in the upper right corner. Then press the "Edit" button on the manuscript page. Whatever text you enter now will appear in web browsers that have English as their default language.

  25. How about other languages than Norwegian and English?

    We do not yet accommodate other languages, but if the demand arises, it's certainly doable.

  26. How do I apply for compensation?

    Look here.

  27. Can all authors claim compensation?

    No. It is a prerequisite that they have written the manuscript in Norwegian and that they are alive. Are you seeking remuneration on behalf of others, you must confirm this in the "Vederlagsberettiget" column.

  28. I need further help. What do I do?

    You can send an email to support: support at manusbank.no (Send email).


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