About compensation

Claims to reimbursement for qualified works are now registered through MANUSBANKEN. This is how it's done:

  1. Log in to MANUSBANKEN. You obtain a user name and password by contacting the Writer's Guild of Norway (Norske Dramatikeres Forbund). Go to your author page. If it's missing, you have to create it.
    • Has the work already been registered by a co-author?

      If a manuscript has more than one writer, only one of them must register it and apply for compensation. You'll find a section called "Titles with multiple authors" in the rightmost column on your page. If your manuscript is already listed there, it means someone else has registered it for you.

      Choose this link, which leads to a page that shows the allotment of the copyright between the authors. If the allotment is correct, you sign with your user name and password. This is all you need to do.

    • Are you the main author?

      If the work has been written by several playwrights who share the copyright, one of them has to be responsible for registering it. You have to come together and sort it out.

      If you're responsible and the work hasn't been registered yet, you need to click the "Add" button in the section "Titles with multiple authors". It will open a copyright allotment form. When you're done filling in this form and have clicked "Sign", your co-authors will be alerted. When everybody has agreed to the copyright allotment, you'll receive an email and may proceed to the compensation form.

    • Is the manuscript yours only?

      You'll find a list of your manuscripts in a section with your name on it in the rightmost column on the author page.

      If the work is yours exclusively, you choose "Add" in this section. This will open a form where you enter a description of the work. If you so wish, you may also upload the manuscript itself. Most of the posts are optional, but you need to at least enter a title for the work. When you're done with this form and have clicked "Save", the work will be assigned its own page in Manusbanken. This page is publicly accessible and meant to function as a marketing device for your manuscript.

    • Is the manuscript part of a series?

      If the work is part of a TV series, you have to apply for compensation for the entire season, not individual episodes. If the series has multiple authors, appoint one to hold the main responsibility and register the series as "Titles with multiple authors".

  2. You'll find a button labelled "Compensation" near the bottom of the manuscript page. It opens the reimbursement application form. This is where you register productions. First performances/productions, new performances in a new format and publication in book form qualify for reimbursement. It's important that you fill in all relevant fields in this form. Once the form has been submitted, the registered information cannot be changed.

If you have any questions regarding the regulations concerning compensation, please contact hos dramatiker.no (Send email).

If you have technical questions related to MANUSBANKEN, please contact support hos manusbank.no (Send email).


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