The butterfly testament

by Eldar Einarson.


Target group
bli voksen


VURDERING FRA SCOTT ALEXANDER YOUNG: This is a marvellous script that begs to be realised in celluloid. For one thing, the subject material of The Butterfly Testament (Black Descent) quite clearly touches on issues vital not only in Hungary, but to all of Europe. That is to say, the disenfranchisement and persecution of the Roma, the rise of the criminal class - and the troubling resurgence of Neo-Fascism. Yet although Eldar Einarson paints his story upon this broad canvas, he does so with a great deal of finesse. None of the characters are strictly one dimensional and he is too subtle a moralist to let political ideology dictate his portrayal of their humanity. Ambros, the aging fascist patrician is not a Sieg Heil saluting stereotype, but instead a butterfly collector, an astronomer and someone whom we’d even like to spend time with. Jonas, the ex-porn stud and substance abuser, turns out to have not only a conscience, but more backbone than we might have suspected. Juli is not only a brilliant foil for his character, but a fascinating enigma herself. Even the smallest of character parts seem to give some hint to their inner lives. This is a real gift in storytelling. You will also doubtless be struck by how seamless the storytelling is, how you seldom ever seem to ‘see the joins’, so to speak. In this sense it reminds me somewhat of Robert Towne’s screenplay for Chinatown. It’s a different story altogether, in a different setting, but it has the same feeling of a narrative mysteriously yet relentlessly towards breathtaking, shocking revelations. Overall, I would say that this is a story that needs to be told, and never so more than at this present time.

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