Vi er Norge (We are Norway)

by Kristian Lykkeslet Strømskag.

Number of roles
2 women, 2 men
short text (25 min)


This play, with the working title “Vi er Norge”, is going to explore what it is about our society that can create Brevik, that can create Fjordman and the aggression against society these two represent. Which structures, language and which defining forces hinder them from becoming part of the community and prepare the grounds for the “opting out” and the hatred.

This is not a realistic (naturalistic, psychological) text. I rather wish to explore the public conversation before and after the events and our own power to define. In my opinion the big and important question for today is: What is Norway? What should Norway be? The piece will play with language and definitions in a philosophical way. It may become a deconstruction of societies view of itself and its complacency.

Maybe we can call it a political allegory.

I am trying to place the individual in a society and thereby make us all responsible. I often find theatre on the one hand very explicitly political or on the other hand very introverted and psychological. In this text I want to do both, I want to try to merge the two. The characters represent each their viewpoint in the Norwegian conversation. They are different voices who in the theatre get bodies and thereby become human. But their viewpoints are also attitudes that will be played against each other and sharpened by each other’s language. In this respect there are no traditional characters, but ideas, points of view, attitudes and political currents that are being presented by characters. The characters are the language and the language is the protagonist.


Mari Kjeldstadli
Birgitte Larsen, Hanne Skille Reitan, Nils Golberg Mulvik, Nader Khademi

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