Arne Lygre

Arne Lygre

(1968 - ) Arne Lygre has written eight plays since his debut in 1998, which have been staged and published in many countries around the world.

«I Disappear» had the world premiere at Théatre National de la Colline in Paris November 2011, and the Norwegian opening at The National Theatre in Oslo August 2012. His latest play, «Nothing of me», will have it’s world premiere at Stadsteatern Stockholm in april 2014, it’s Norwegian premiere at Det Norske Teatret in Oslo (September 2014) and the French premiere at Théatre de la Colline in Paris (September 2014).

Arne Lygre wrote his first short stories collection in 2004, «In Time», for which he got the prestigious Norwegian literary award, Brageprisen. He has written two novels, «A Last Face» (2006) and «My Dead Man» (2009), which were both very well received by the critics. He was awarded the Literary Award Mads Wiels Nygaards´ Legacy in 2010, and The Ibsen Award for best new play in Norway 2012.

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